Top 9 Things To Have In Backpack For Your Next Beach Summer Holiday

Summer is right around the corner. And some of you may have planned out the entire summer vacation somewhere alongside the coastline – on the beach. Some are still planning on what to do? But most of us agree that there is no better way of spending summer taking dip waters and relaxing days out on the golden sands. But all boils down to one point – packing!


Some of us enthusiastic packers, and some are lazy, last-minute packers. One thing remains quite sure that you surely don’t want to hoard up bags with unnecessary stuff to the beach. You can go ways with your backpack and have a perfect vacation too. Here is our recommendation of the top 9 things to have in your backpack for an awesome summer beach vacation in 2020.


Sunscreens are part of everyone’s daily lifestyle. With more dermatologists and skincare aestheticians swearing by it, you can’t forget or miss sunscreen in your packing list. You need protection from harmful UV rays. We get it; you need the sun-kissed look and get that golden tan. In reality, tan is nothing but the form of skin damage.


Make sure you get a sunscreen with SPF 50+, or you can push for more numbers too. Don’t forget to reapply, so you get maximum protection. Also, get an SPF induced lip balm to protect your lips.

Coolers by the beach

It’s a fine relaxing day at a beach and a perfect spot to get tipsy. What a great way to spend the whole day sipping on ice-cold drinks, which will beat the summer heat and keep you buzzed. So get yourself a handy cooler to keep your drink chilled and fresh.

You can also keep your favourite aperitifs in the coolers till the day goes down. So, get your red wine out of the bag and watch the sunset fashionably.

Classic Whites

Nothing will go wrong, holding onto your best white shirts and T-shirts. They practically match on any clothing. And whites are part of the perfect beach look. You can jazz it up by wearing accessories too.


Apart from fashion, wearing whites will help you to shield from the sun. Plus, it will keep you cool as white doesn’t absorb heat as much as the dark colours.

Loose Cover-ups

Loose and light cover-ups will make up to your beach fashion. What are beach cover-ups? They are long, flowy clothing like kimono or kaftans, which will cover your body. Of course, your swimsuit will look stunning, but adding a cover-up could provide more sun coverage.

Whenever you are at the shacks, the bar, or roaming around the beach, you will need some extra coverage; you can’t just roam around everywhere in the bikinis. So the purpose of beach cover-ups is sun protection and coverage to move around rather than wear a new piece of attire every time.

Beach Towels

Beach towels are necessary items on the list because a) they are quick-drying; b) they provide comfort and warmth from the cold swims; c) they are just right to lie over the cold/hot sand. So you will need two beach towels – one for drying and others for lying on the beach.

Make sure you get a 100% cotton towel for much drying effect – or any microfiber ones. They should have a rougher texture that wouldn’t let the sand stick to it.

Water Shoes and Flip Flops

If you are visiting the rocky beach, go ahead and buy water shoes. Regular shoes wouldn’t work in such cases as they won’t dry faster. And normal footwear won’t protect from the sharp rocky stones. In such cases, you need to have specific water-resistant shoes.


Flip Flops are for the beach walk. We all know how scorching the sand gets during the day; you can’t walk bare feet. Or also can’t risk wearing shoes or sandals in sand and water, flip flops will help you in such cases.

Stunning Swimwear

You can’t imagine a beachside vacation without the right swimsuit. Flaunt your summer body with your favourite two pieces or one piece whichever you prefer. Keep two pairs of swimwear you can wear dry one in case if the other is wet. You can always get some cool pairs from house of pain

You can get more suits for your Instagram profiles and candid Facebook timelines. You can add swim caps or underwater goggles on your list too.

Big Hats

A big hat or sun hat that covers your whole face is as important as a good SPF. These hats will cover your face protection from the harsh sun – no one wants patchy red faces on Insta stories. Hats will also keep you cool down.


Apart from protection, big hats are part of the fashion statement. That beach look is incomplete with the hat. Look for light and fun colours as they are more effective in the sun.


Any vacation is incomplete without a camera. Specifically, for the beachside, you will need a water-resistant camera with its accessories. You must have waterproofing to it.

Plus, bring extra memory cards so you won’t run out of storage, clicking thousands of candid photos that include charged batteries and a charger.

Packing for a getaway doesn’t necessarily mean hoarding stuff in bags; just bring your essentials, and you can enjoy it too. Bring extra clothes which you probably won’t wear is also unnecessary. Plan it, write it down, and pack your bags as simple as such. Likely follow the list above and backpack to your summer holidays alongside the beach.

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