Why Dirt and Mud are Good for the Kids

I am pretty convinced that this sight is a nightmare to many parents and will surely cause a nervous breakdown if seen live. Because of the obsession of cleaning and other reasons, some parents do not let their kids play in the park, where they can find dirt and mud. We think that we protect them, but the truth is different.

The truth is that by doing so we force them to stop being curious about the world that surrounds them. Even if we don’t realise it, have the power to freeze their enthusiasm just with one sight, and we do all these things with the thought that it is for their good. But, dear parents, I have to say that you are wrong.

Child playing with mudHere is some information that will surprise you.

1. Dirt stimulates the brain. According to scientist from Siege College, New York, the ground contains bacteria, that stimulates and develops the ability of the brain to learn and remember more things.

2. Mud takes care of the skin. The ground contains certain bacteria that protects skin from getting hurt easily, it makes it stronger. Mud also helps the skin to heal superficial injuries faster, and we all agree that kids get hurt easily when they are little, because they do not have the ability to protect themselves.

3. Psychiatric disorders and complexes. Children who are not allowed to go out and play freely in the park or in the backyard, suffer more often from psychiatric disorders and they develop complexes, which can be very dangerous later on. They are so sensitive at that age. Their special abilities lag behind the kids who spend more than 4 hours a day outside playing freely and interacting with the environment, including the dirt and mud.

Girl playing on the beach4. Immunity against asthma and allergic reactions. Playing in the mud helps children to develop stable immunity against allergic reactions and asthma.

5. Benefits of playing outside. And let’s not forget that when they go outside, their skin absorbs vitamin D, which is very important if you want your kid the grow healthy and strong.

Some parents might not agree with the written above, but everyone has an opinion and an unique approach to parenting. As a parent I have taken seriously my responsibility to educate my child the right way so she will be able to take care of herself after some time.

We are all scared about the life of our kids, but when we do not let them have fun with other kids outside surrounded by nature, we are limiting them. Of course, I am not telling you to be careless, but pay attention to what your kids want and what is the best for them. Do not let your fears control you while raising your child.

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