Troubleshooting Appliances – Quick and Easy Fixes

As much as we pick and choose our appliances and always look for the best, truth is sometimes they break. And it might seem to you that you need a new fridge or at least to call a professional to help you. But don’t do that just yet. Maybe you can fix the dishwasher in no time! Here are 6 kitchen appliances fixes that you can totally do on your own!

Problems with the dishwasher

You have recently noticed that the dishes you take out of this appliance are not that clean? Don’t worry – this problem is easy to be fixed. The most important part of the cleaning process is the water – run the regular sink faucet on hot and count the minutes until the water becomes hot. If it takes a couple of minutes, then this is where the problem is – your washing machine is filling up with cold water that is not that efficient in the cleaning process. You don’t hear the water rush in the dishwasher when you turn it on and the dishwasher won’t turn on? The easiest thing to do is check if the float switch is jammed. Just look at the back of this appliance – you should find something like a small cup there. If there are pieces of food stuck in it, remove them and your dishwasher should work like new.

Full dishwashing machine

Fridge doesn’t cool down the food

If you notice that the food you place inside your refrigerator then check the condenser coils. They are placed under the fridge or on the back. If they’re covered in dust and hair, then better clean them right away. The dirt on the coils prevents it from working properly and makes it use more energy. The easiest way to get rid of the dust is to use the vacuum. There are brushes out there that are made especially for this job.

Freezer issues

You may notice water or a thin frozen coat of it at the bottom of this appliance – don’t worry! You even have 2 options here. Turn off the freezer and let it defrost – this way whatever is stuck in the drain will run out. If that doesn’t work out you’re going to have to remove the back panel. And keep in mind – this is not the easiest thing to do. So, it’s best to call professionals because usually everything you will read on the internet is not a permanent solution.

Family fridge

Wet clothes

You’ve noticed that when you take the clothes out of the dryer they’re still wet. With time, dirt layers upon the filter of the machine which gets in the way of its normal functioning. And that’s also why enough air isn’t getting inside, and your clothes are wet. For this reason, you should clean the filter after each use. Even if it looks clean you can clean it with hot water and soap to be sure it is completely clean.

Vacuum cleaner doesn’t have suction

It is really annoying to see pieces of dirt or hair on the floor after you’ve vacuumed. The solution for this one couldn’t be any simpler – just change the bag. Or just empty the canister. If this doesn’t change the suction level, then maybe the hose is clogged. You can drop a coin and see if it comes out the other way. Or just use a broomstick to push out any dirt and hairballs that might be in there.

Vacuum cleaner

The dryer makes a noise

Take the time to figure out what is the cause for this noise. If the dryer is vibrating and moving slightly when it’s working, then maybe the floor isn’t perfectly levelled. If it’s not, try to figure out which part is unsteady and level that leg. Are you still hearing this noise? This maybe a coin or a button stuck inside the appliance. Take your time and clean the dryer fins. All these tips can help you the next time you think your dishwasher or dryer needs replacing. They’re quick and efficient and cost no money at all!

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