5 Homemade Kitchen Cleaners

The kitchen is an essential room in every home. Many people love cooking and testing new recipes almost every day, and in order to do this, they need a fully equipped kitchen. But with the pleasant part of creating delicious food from raw products, there are also downsides to using your kitchen regularly. One of them is all the dirt that gathers all over the kitchen. And cleaning up the mess is a very unpleasant task (at least for 90% of the human population). After spending many hours in pointless scrubbing and wiping, it’s time to find a better alternative. After I searched a lot and consulted many friends and professionals, I found some great ideas, which helped me prepare these 5 homemade kitchen cleaners. They made the whole cleaning routine a lot easier.

Clean kitchen with lots of greenery

All-purpose cleaner. It was always difficult to find the right all-purpose cleaner. Most of them have a very specific and unpleasant smell, which makes most people sick. Therefore, it was important not only to find a strong natural cleaner, but also to achieve a fresh smell, which is unlikely for all-purpose cleaners. I found a very simple solution. You just need to mix salt, vinegar and water, and add some orange peels to it. Leave it for about 24 hours, and then pour the liquid into a spray bottle. The best part is, that the orange peels block the strong odour of the vinegar, which leaves a fresh smell in the room. You can clean countertops, the sink, the stove, and even the floors with it.
Natural ant killer. Ants like to visit places, where they think they can find food. This is why you should maintain an impeccable kitchen, if you want to avoid them. All you need is one crumb on the floor, and chances are that an army of ants will appear for it within hours. Many people use harsh detergents, which is a big mistake, because they release lots of toxins and can be dangerous to children or pets. Instead, you can try this very effective ant bait. You just need to mix some white sugar in a cup of water and leave it on the floor. The ants will crawl inside and eventually drown. Not very cheerful, but effective.

Vinegar for cleaning purposes

Homemade dishwasher detergent. Most of the dishwasher detergents sold on the market nowadays contain triclosan, which is practically a toxin, dangerous to our health. Therefore, it’s good to avoid using these cleaning products. You can easily do that by using a few natural ingredients, which can be found in practically every home. The recipe includes salt, borax, some lemon juice, and baking or washing soda. Mix them all together inside the dishwasher and set it on a long program and on a very high temperature.


Natural oven cleaner. We have to admit, that cleaning the oven is the hardest thing we have to deal with in the kitchen. All this grease and food particles stuck to the walls of the oven are just disgusting. And most of the conventional oven cleaners, sold in the stores, contain lots of sodium hydroxide, which can burn your skin and eyes. Lately I started using baking soda, and I am quite pleased with the results. You just need to pour some baking soda on the stain and spray it with some vinegar. The whole thing should start to fizz. Leave it for at least half an hour, and then scrub out the dirt. It’s also a good idea if the oven is a little heated, because this way the dirt will come out easier. And if you’re lazy like me, you can leave the baking soda and vinegar overnight and just wipe the oven in the morning.

Dishwasher about to be loaded
Green drain cleaner. The drains are also an important part of the kitchen. And they get clogged with dirt and food quite easily. If you want to clean them naturally, you should use some water, vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. Mix everything and pour it into the drain. It will be properly disinfected too!

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