Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day could be tough on couples, and especially on the male participants. They might have had the perfect idea for a gift on their mind since last year, but time flies by so fast, that somehow one is bound to lose track of the date… Don’t worry, I am here to the rescue with the best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts you can come up with.

Before we begin with the list, let me remind you that reservations for dinner in a fancy restaurant, as well as coming up with an engraved piece of jewellery is impossible on such a short notice. Luckily, you can still bedazzle your sweetheart with a cute, sentimental and original last-minute Valentine’s Day present:

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

I am sorry to say that the history behind the Love Day has been forgotten, making way for brands to promote their chocolates, stuffed toys and other products. Seeing red everywhere, looking at the hearts hanging in stores, restaurants and bars has removed the focus of our associations. So, let me remind you how it all began

Long, long ago, in the 3rd century in Ancient Rome lived several Christian Saints, named Valentinus, and one of them was hung on February, the 14th. The reason was simple – he neglected to follow the emperor’s orders not to marry young men. Emperor Claudius the Second believed that single men made better soldiers, and so he prohibited the holly union. Nevertheless, Valentinus continued to wed the couples who were in love, so he was sentenced to death. Just before his execution, he wrote a heartbreaking love letter to the daughter of his jailer, in whom he was deeply in love. The letter was signed with the memorable words “From Your Valentine” … thus it all began.


Why am I telling you this story? The reason is simple, you can make a DIY Valentine’s Day card, and surprise your beloved with it. Don’t forget to sign it with the same words Valentinus used “From Your Valentine “. When she asks why, tell her the lovely story, and kiss her. Nothing can make a woman’s heart skip a beat like a tragic love story and her partner being romantic at the same time.

52 Reasons I Love You

A sweet and heart-warming gift that is more than simple to make or buy if you don’t have the time. Find a jar and fill it with heart-shaped notes. On each note, you can write one reason why you love your special one.

Some might be silly, like “You make the most delicious pancakes in the world”, others might be about how you see your partner, like “You bring the best out in people”, or about how you feel like when you are with him/ her “When I am with you I feel safe and protected”… It might sound a bit childish or too tacky, but the reason why this is the perfect last-minute gift is that it makes you think about all the little thing you appreciate in your loved one and will show him/her how you see them, and how much they are valued.


Have a Romantic Picnic

Hey, you are in Australia, and it is summer here, so why not take advantage of the great, warm weather and have a romantic midnight picnic? It’s true, this year Valentine’s Day is almost in the middle of the work week, but you can make do with an evening outing as well. The idea is simple – you and your loved one, alone together on the beach or in the park or somewhere more private, a place only you two know of, candles and an exotic dinner… What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Grow a Tree Together

Yet another last-minute present, you can pick up from the nearest plant nursery on your way home. Still, the best gifts are not the ones that cost the most. Some gestures like planting a tree together, watching it grow, enjoying its fruits for the year to come are more meaningful, and romantic than you can imagine. You and your one person can treasure the memory of the day you planted that apple tree and tell your kids and grandchildren about how you took care of it… together!

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