Crib Upcycle Ideas

Crib upcycle ideasI have never considered myself as a person who upcycles things and spends too much on crafts and DIY projects. All this changed, however, when my daughter was born. I realized which things are good for me and which ones are not. I found out that working with my hands, fixing stuff and upcycling things, actually made me feel better, helped me save money for Emily and made me more aware of  all the problems with the environment. But there is also one more thing.

I just grown attached to Emily’s possessions, toys, pieces of furniture, little clothes and other objects. I want to keep everything forever, but that creates storage problems, as I don’t live in a massive house. That being said – the best thing I can do is start upcycling things I want to keep and one such thing is the baby crib. Emily still needs hers as she is pretty young, but I was thinking about when she grows out of it and I will definitely try some of these projects:

1. Reading Corner/Couch. One way to upcycle your crib is to turn it into a reading corner or a couch of some kind. I love this idea and I think it will look just as well on the front porch, in the garden, or in her own room, when she grows up a little bit.

Girl's crib2. Crib Wagon. I love this idea as well. You can make a crib wagon and take your child outside in the garden. It will be fun for them and for you as well, and you can leave them play outside on sunny days.

3. Crafting Corner Rack. If you have a place of your own where you engage in your favourite arts and crafts, you might find this idea useful. This easy DIY crib upcycle will allow you to organize your materials on the wall, using the extra space at its maximum.

4. Jewellery Rack. Just like the rack I suggested for your crafts area, you can organize your vintage, expensive, or DIY jewellery by hanging it on the parts of the crib.

5. Display or memo board. Do you love to collect and hang images, pieces of paper, quotes and other things that have sentimental value? If yes, this display board made from the part of the crib that holds the mattress is perfect for you. I think it looks gorgeous and makes a great inspiration board.

old crib turned into a play house6. Crib Playhouse. Transform your crib into a playhouse for your child. It will do wonders for their imagination and it will be cheap and easy alternative to expensive doll houses you can find in stores.

7. Book rack. I love this book rack, as it saves space and does the job. It is also original and vintage! And you can easily make it yourself using materials you can find at home.

8. Kitchen Organizer – This great kitchen organizer, will not only put your crib to a great purpose, but it is a cheap and easy way to put your kitchen in order and use the wall space!

Now here are some tips for upcycling just about anything:

– Go around your home and find the items you are tired of, or don’t serve you anymore. Use your creativity or look online for how you can upcycle them.

– In all cases it is possible that you will need to sand the surface of your chosen object and repaint it, so prepare some sand paper and paint.

– Clean the object thoroughly – it is a bad idea to upcycle something dirty, rusty and mouldy.

– Prepare the area – both where your new upcycled object will be placed and the area where you will work on it. Place sheets on the floors and get crafty!

– Use quality materials – you might be upcycling something old, but if you want to successfully make it look glamorous again, you will need quality materials for the purpose.

 When you upcycle, make sure you do things right. Check the item for loose screws and test it a couple of times – you don’t want anyone to get hurt. Here are some more ideas you can try.

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