3 Ways to Create an Amazing Play Space for Your Children

Making your house safe and interesting for your children is an essential part of being a responsible and caring parent. Sometimes this might be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have the time to do home projects. Fortunately, kids don’t require much to be entertained, you just need to keep their attention busy by providing them with something cool and proactive to do. I thought about three different ideas that can make your children very happy and hopefully … occupied as well. Check them below and start planning your next renovation.

Tree House

Classical tree house

This is a perfect opportunity for your kids to live the life of Tarzan in the jungle, hanging from lianas, screaming, etc. Okay, so that’s not happening, but a tree house is always a great idea for your kids to spend some time outdoors. Depending on the construction of the house itself, your kids can basically do everything there. They can draw and watch movies or play board games and have their afternoon nap up there. The best material to make one is usually wood, as it will be cosier and more sustainable. However, nowadays there are a lot of materials and design ideas that can let you create a modern and reliable tree house, resistant to all weather conditions. Not to mention if there are some birds around, your kids can be fascinated by the wildlife in your garden.

Of course, if you decide to have a special play space for your kids, you have to be aware of all the adjustments and assembling that need to be done to make it right. As a specific home task, this could require help from your hubby, some good neighbours or professionals, if you want everything to be done quickly and efficiently. So, if you don’t have the needed skills, this is the easiest way to achieve that without any effort.

Mini Pool

Swimming pool for kids

Although the pool is something that you can use only in the hot months, it’s an amazing way for your kids to spend the day. Even parents can enjoy some pool games. The best thing about mini pools is that they can be easily assembled and disassembled afterwards. You must figure out the water fill of the pool before you take the decision to buy one. There are water pumps and pool filters at a good price that can easily maintain the water condition. Sort the technical issues and leave the fun and games part to the kids. A pool party is a good occasion to invite the neighbour’s kids over and have a fun afternoon.

Minimarket/ Kitchen/ Spaceship place

Boy baking a cookie

As strange as it might sound, making a minimarket cash register or a mini kitchen in your child’s room might be an excellent idea. You know how kids like to pretend to be adults, while they do an imaginary grocery shopping or cooking. I remember having a fancy mini kitchen set of my own and having a lot of fun while „cooking“. If your boys are more into the superhero and space rangers theme, you can make them a spaceship board with a lot of buttons they can press, pretending to be astronauts in their spaceship (room). I found some really amazing ideas to create in your kids room that I’m pretty sure your kids are absolutely going to love. I know that some of them require a big budget, but they are absolutely worth it after you see your children playing.

Before you decide to do anything, ask your kids if they have some ideas. I’m pretty sure that they have something in mind that will make them happy. After all, you are making that for their use.

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