Adopt These 6 Habits to Put an End to The Nonstop Cleaning

There is nothing more appealing to the eye and the soul than walking into a clean, tidy home. I love an environment that smells fresh and is well-organised. Sometimes there are certain factors in the house, like kids or pets, who cannot help but make a mess. Then, you have no choice but follow them with a rag in one hand and a detergent in the other. Keeping things organised is the most important condition for achieving a clean house. If your stuff is not in order, the dwelling would always look cluttered and untidy. Develop these habits and you will never have to worry about keeping it clean:

  1. Put Things Back in Place

The major benefit of utilizing this habit, is that you will be able to find anything, anytime, with no need of seeking and fumbling. Putting things back in their determined place after each use helps maintaining the house neat and tidy.

  1. Wipe Off After Every Use

It takes only a minute to wipe down the surface you’ve just used, and it remains clean for the next time you will use it again. Counter and stove tops easily become dirty and if you let grime and grease to build up, it’s going to be a challenge to remove them completely without sweating and some cursing. No matter if you cook, put on makeup or brush your teeth, every time perform a quick wipe down of the used surface to preserve it shining and dirt-free.


  1. No More Dirty Dishes

If you have just a couple of plates and bowls dirty, wash them immediately after you finished eating. If the dishes are more in number, there is nothing easier than doing a quick rinse and loading the dishwasher. Run it before going to bed and the next morning you will only have to put the clean dishes back in place.

  1. Put Clothes Away

At the end of the day, when you come back home after work, or when you are about to get some sleep, try to keep clothes in order. Either put them in the laundry or where they are meant to be, but never throw clothes on chairs, sofas or straight on the floor. You will have a hard time matching the socks and dealing with the clutter afterwards turns out to be a much more time-consuming and nerve-racking job.


  1. Don’t Store Extras

Believe me, you don’t need 12 blankets and 20 pillowcases, unless your house functions as a hotel too. And I am pretty sure you have never used all the eight dinner sets you own. This applies to your clothes too. Old, worn out and outgrown clothing should not be in your closet, but donated or thrown out. Old pillows and blankets too. These decisions are hard to be made, but it is crucial to keep just the things you really need and get rid of everything else. Otherwise you are doomed to live a cluttered life.

  1. Perform a Regular Dusting and Vacuuming

If you are a furry pet owner, implementing a regular vacuuming into your daily routine is of utmost importance to keep environments hair-free and sanitized. Once or twice a week is the perfect solution. Regular dusting will help things look presentable much longer.

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