Is Your Tree Dangerous?

Many people dream for years to be able to finally buy a home in the suburbs and move there. Years ago, most people preferred to move to the big cities, but nowadays this whole situation has reversed, and everybody wants to live in a nice and quiet place. One of the biggest advantages of living in the suburbs, is that you can have and take care of a garden of your own. This is a very nice exercise, which will help you relax and rest among nature. But the gardens also require lots of maintenance and sometimes can hide some very serious dangers. And unfortunately, they are usually left unnoticed until it’s already too late. Such hidden dangers can be the trees on your property, for instance. They may look good at first sight, but they can turn out to be death traps which only wait until the right moment to hurt us. If you want to avoid these very dangerous situations, you should make sure you know how to find out the answer to the question “is your tree dangerous?”. Fortunately, I have a few tips, which may be useful.


When we plant a tree, we usually can’t wait until it grows big and strong, so it can protect us from the sun during the long summer days. But growing too big is not such a good thing sometimes. If your tree is too tall, too big or its crown is too wide, it may affect some of the buildings near it and damage them somehow. To avoid that, you should make sure the tree you’re planting in your garden is the proper size. Every kind of tree grows to a certain limit, depending on the external influences around it, like sun exposure, watering and fertilisation. So, you should get a tree which will fit with the surrounding.

Very tall trees


The wind is a good thing in most cases. People have learned to use it for their own purposes with time, and this is why it’s so important. But unfortunately, the strong wind can sometimes damage things, like your trees for instance. But in our case, the wind can also help you determine if your tree is, in fact, dangerous. The only thing you need to do to determine it, is to observe your tree closely on a windy day. If it waves normally, like every healthy tree does, then everything is probably fine. But if you see any tree branches hanging in strange angles, or if your tree sways in a weird way, then maybe you should consider fortifying it or maybe even removing the tree completely.


If your tree just starts growing in a lean from the beginning, this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily dangerous and needs to be cut down. Sometimes trees just start growing this way, but this doesn’t make them a danger to us in any way. The trees which grow this way usually find their own methods to deal with the situation and grow strong. But if your perfectly vertical tree starts to lean at some point, this could mean that there are serious issues with the roots of the tree or with the stability of the soil. You should carefully check these things and take the needed measures to make it safe again.

Lonely tree


If you knock on a tree and feel that it is completely hollow, this means that it’s dangerous, and it would be good to take measures and cut it down. But you should have in mind the fact, that a tree can’t become hollow overnight. No, it takes lots of years, even decades sometimes. So, the best option to decide if your tree is really posing a danger, is to contact a specialist, who can tell you for sure why is the tree hollow and how hollow it is. The cause may be a disease that can spread to other plants, so be careful.

Tree Pests

The different pеsts are probably the biggest danger for all kinds of plants and especially trees. These small and annoying creatures get inside the tree bark looking for the things we all look for – food and shelter. But they finally end up destroying the whole tree, which leads to it falling and causing a lot of damage. This is why you should be very careful and check your trees for pests on a regular basis. Termites and different roaches are some of the most common pests on trees and they easily move on to the house, which can lead to costly damage.

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